Dear colleagues, Ukrainians!
If you help, or have an intention to help Ukrainians at the time of the Moscow's aggression, the charity foundation ‘Arkan Serdets’ is open to cooperation!
Since the beginning of invasion in Donbas, in 2014, Arkan’s volunteers have regularly delivered the humanitarian aid to the demarcation line, and since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, several dozen trips to the frontline have already been taken (some photo reports are available at the link


Every day it is becoming more and more difficult to get the necessary help, especially money for fuel. It is not surprising, because lots of people have given their hard-earned money to the needs of the army, but they also need to survive somehow in these difficult times. With the understanding that these difficult times will last for long, we decided to register a charity foundation, focused not only on humanitarian aid to the army, though today it is our priority. 
In advance, ‘Arkan Serdets’ offers potential benefactors the chance to support the following programs.
1. Humanitarian aid for army and soldiers (first of all delivery of humanitarian aid to the frontline). Since the first days of the war, Arkan’s volunteers started to help the army, which were holding back the enemy invasion on the demarcation line. The provision of this assistance continues to up this day, but with the onset of a full-scale invasion it requires much larger forces and resources.

Academy of the Health and Combat System - ARKAN(Arkan)

The Academy is established as a structural subdivision of the All-Ukrainian public organization Arkan.

Partners: League of Martial Arts of Ukraine; DEFENDER Club.

Project description.
ARKAN Academy is a three-level health and combat system, the purpose of which is to develop skills of body health, self-defense, psychological resilience and survival in cataclysms.
The first level - "Bear"; the second level - "Lynx", the third level - "Eagle".

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