In advance, ‘Arkan Serdets’ offers potential benefactors the chance to support the following programs.

1. Humanitarian aid for army and soldiers (first of all delivery of humanitarian aid to the frontline). Since the first days of the war, Arkan’s volunteers started to help the army, which were holding back the enemy invasion on the demarcation line. The provision of this assistance continues to up this day, but with the onset of a full-scale invasion it requires much larger forces and resources.

2. Organization and provision assistance for soldiers and war victims to provide their physical and psychological rehabilitation (setting up new rehabilitation centers or the use of existing ones, an individual approach to everyone in need, selection of rehabilitators and psychologists, etc.). Today our acquaintances, beloved ones, and friends are suffering from tremendous physical and mental stress under enemy shelling. The wounded and soldiers need social and psychological adaptation to peaceful life. With the help of our partners, we are ready to organize appropriate rehabilitation.
3. Establishing relations with the Ukrainian diaspora, especially for providing shelters for forcibly displaced persons, as well as for victims’ abroad rehabilitation and treatment. Establishing humanitarian and cultural cooperation (accommodation for refugees and the injured in places where Ukrainians reside abroad, mainly to provide them with jobs). Here works the principle ‘birds of feather flock together (‘svii do svoho po svoie’)’ all over the world.
4. Setting up the Arkan Academy as a center for learning Ukrainian traditions, especially martial arts (financing of the organization as a separate juridical entity created by the charity foundation ‘Arkan Serdets’ under the auspices of the Ukrainian CO and ICO ‘Arkan’). Who can preserve Ukrainian traditions better than Ukrainians? It is our origin and the immortality of the Ukrainian people.
5. Implementation of programs for Ukrainian citizens’ self-identification and Ukrainians living abroad to preserve Ukrainian traditions, culture, etc. (for example, distance learning programs on Ukrainian history and culture; organising cultural and educational trips to Ukraine, etc.). If we do not care for our culture, we will dissolve in the cosmopolitan sea of various nations. Hence, we respect each culture as a unique organism living on the earth!
6. True Education is what Ukrainians need most of all these days, like organizing different educational activities (touring concerts, lectures, exhibitions, performances, etc.). Education is what most Ukrainians need today.
7. Publishing activity and film production (books publishing, filmmaking to promote Ukrainian culture). We must preserve Ukrainian books, promote our unique thinkers, poets and writers. At the same time, we must use all the possibilities to present visually the Ukrainian idea.
Why we offer cooperation with us. The founder of the charity foundation ‘Arkan Serdets’ is the Ukrainian community organization and International Community Organization ‘Arkan’, its origins date back to 1997, when a researcher, an artist and a writer, Oles Noha wrote a book with the same title, about the study of a sacral martial dance ‘Arkan’.
You can get acquainted with the current stage of the organization's activities on the website using the above link.
We do not cooperate with oligarchs and have no political ambitions.Our goal is an independent and flourishing Ukraine, the Motherland of all Ukrainians in the world!
The charity foundation ‘Arkan Serdets’ upholds such principles throughout its work:1. Presenting programs and offering cooperation, we declare that we count on the funds of ordinary Ukrainians, mainly those who live abroad. Therefore, at the first stage, the work of the head of the foundation and the office manager is voluntary, and not more than 10% of the income is spent on wages. Payment increases to the average market rate with the growth of income. We declare that there can not be quality work without decent payment.2. Funds for the development of programs are accumulated and spent according to the approved estimate. But there must be a flexible and clear work system, because waiting until one million is raised and doing nothing is a failed strategy! For example, 100 euros were received for the educational program. It is clear that the sum is not significant, but with these funds you can organise an on-site thematic lecture, shoot a video there, get feedback, share information through social networks, etc. so that the benefactor can see that his funds are working!3. If there are enough resources for the implementation of the above-mentioned programs, the creation of a Supervisory Board is foreseen from public and professional persons, true patriots of Ukraine, with whom a preliminary agreement on cooperation has already been reached.4. Functions of the Supervisory Board are supervision of the implementation of programs, assistance in solving organizational issues and control over financial transparency.5. The potential benefactor can finance one of the presented programs. Our task is to set priorities and encourage. Working with each benefactor is based on openness and trust. All received funds are accounted for and reported. Each benefactor has the right to receive detailed reports and estimates for the financed programs, as well as to determine the degree of his publicity.

Best regards,The head of the charity foundation ‘Arkan Serdets’ Kovalchuk R.Ya.

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