Academy of the Health and Combat System - ARKAN(Arkan).

The Academy is established as a structural subdivision of the All-Ukrainian public organization Arkan.

 Partners: League of Martial Arts of Ukraine; DEFENDER Club.

Purpose: uniting and communicating consonent people (club format); creation of a network of ARKAN Academy units in Ukraine and abroad.   Project description.   ARKAN Academy is a three-level health and combat system, the purpose of which is to develop skills of body health, self-defense, psychological resilience and survival in cataclysms.   The first level - "Bear"; the second level - "Lynx", the third level - "Eagle".   The first level is about how to stand firmly on the ground, demonstrate and use force (strength training), basic technique of punches and kicks, use of improvised objects and historical weapons; breathing and energy exercises. Duration three months.   The second level - speed, flexibility (including psychological), dynamics, movement and application of various blows, skills of work with the cold weapon; breathing and energy exercises. Duration of six months.   The third level - ease, improvement of individual technique, breathing, energy and non-religious meditation practices, psychological training, survival skills beyond the benefits of civilization, that used of metal and small arms. Duration 9 months.   After passing three levels of training, at the request of the participants, could be continued according to an individual plan or optional.   Additionally, at each level, the theoretical foundations of self-defense will be outlined, namely: legal aspects; methods of training and self-control over the state of health; types of dangers in the city - how to predict and recognize them; psychology of self-defense; strategy and tactics - algorithms of actions and modeling of a situation.   We prepared a series of informative lectures, meetings with interesting people, useful communication and more for the participants of the Academy.   At each level, the participant is provided with videos for flexible classes.   Upon completion of the course and passing the exam, the participant receives a certificate of completion of the course and a commemorative award (symbols). The course provides individual and group lessons at the rate of at least: Bear - 24 hours (equivalent to 2 lessons per week(1 hour) for 3 months); Lynx - 48 hours (equivalent to 2 lessons per week for(1 hour) for 6 months); Eagle - 72 hours (equivalent to 2 lessons per week(1hour) for 9 months).   Form of study - part-time. Participants receive:  a) video lessons for flexible classes;  b) video course of thematic lectures (theoretical foundations, legal and security aspects, psychology, etc.) with the appropriate number of guaranteed hours for listening;  c) T-shirts with symbols and, if desired, appropriate clothing, tools for individual training, etc.   In addition, each participant will have the opportunity; at least 4 times a month to attend the real classes in open space(nature) or in the gym; to take part in a public events of the Academy (specialized trainings; discussions; tasting of "Arkan's" kulish(traditional XVI senture dish); lectures, etc.),   Feature of training - most of the classes on the street, open space (simulation the real conditions).

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